Everyday Wishes

Send everyday wishes to your loved ones everyday!

Chistmas Wishes

Send meaningful wishes to your loved ones in this holiday!

Xuxu and Christmas

Xuxu celebrates Chistmas

Fattie and Christmas

Fattie celebrates Chistmas

Cute Gingerbread Man

Cute Gingerbread man sticker for Christmas


Send meaningful quote to inspire and encourage your friends!


It's time to give thanks to your loved ones!

Hello Autumn

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

Mysterious Friends

Get 6 super cute mysterious creature sticker packs at a reduced price - save 66%!

Bi Ngo

Meet Bí Ngố, the pumpkin with lots of emotions.


Cam is a tigeron. His mother is from Tiger clan and his father is from Dragon clan.

Fattie Disguising Ghost

Fattie the Succubus disguising herself as a ghost to go to the Halloween party.

Ca Heo

Ca Heo is a merpig lives in Oceanea. She loves speed, music green potato. Once in a while she gives Stripe a lift.

Muop in Oceanea

Muop takes some days off and comes back to Oceanea to visit her beloved friend, Stripe.


Xuxu is a little girl who loves to be on her phone and taking selfies.


This is Joijoi. She is crazy about beanbags and bananas!


He is a reindeer wannabe. He got his antlers on Christmas.


She is Fattie - The succubus. She will seduce you with her wacky.


He is so Emofishie, isn't he?


Meet Muop, your mysterious emotional new friend.


Let these smiling Coffee and Tea stickers warm up your conversations.

Little Wikie

Little Wikie is an apprentice witch.

Flowers Pastel

Meaningful flowers for your loved ones.


Send meaningful flowers to your loved ones.


Halloween is coming! Get some spooky stickers.

Wikie - the Witch

Little Wikie dresses up as a witch on Halloween!


Cute bunny stickers carrying various emotions to spice up your chats.


Simple squircle stickers to express yourself in conversations.


Free cute stickers that lighten up your chat.